Virginia Rabbits

Virginia rabbits is your one-stop website for rabbits in Virginia.

We regularly have New Zealands, Flemish Giants, hot tots, cotton tails, Polish, and Netherland Dwarfs available for the pet, meat, fur, and wholesale markets. Ask us about other breeds.

We have locations in Central Virginia and the Tidewater area. For commercial orders, delivery is available.

Custom cages also available.

Contact us via email at or by telephone at (423) 278- 0832

Rabbit Meat

Are you a restaurant looking to add something special to your menu? Are you a consumer who is looking for farm raised, natural meat to serve your family? Whether you want a weekly delivery or just a single rabbit for a special event, we can provide your needs.

Why Eat Rabbit?

  • Rabbit meat is lower in cholesterol than chicken, turkey, beef or pork.
  • Rabbit has a lower percentage of fat than chicken, turkey, beef or pork.
  • The US Department of Agriculture has said that rabbit is the most nutritious meat.
  • Rabbit has fewer calories per pound than chicken, turkey, beef, or pork.
  • It just tastes great!