Virginia Rabbits

Virginia rabbits is your one-stop website for rabbits in Virginia.

We regularly have New Zealands, Flemish Giants, hot tots, cotton tails, Polish, and Netherland Dwarfs available for the pet, meat, fur, and wholesale markets. Ask us about other breeds.

We have locations in Central Virginia and the Tidewater area. For commercial orders, delivery is available.

Custom cages also available.

Contact us via email at or by telephone at (423) 278- 0832

Live Rabbits

People buy rabbits for many reasons.


Rabbits are great pets. They are cute, soft to hold, don't make noise, don't stink (if you take good care of them), make loads of natural fertilizer, and are fairly inexpensive. However, they may not be for you. Before purchasing a rabbit as a pet, please consider that they need daily care. A rabbit should have daily exercise and interaction. It needs grooming, feeding, and the cage needs cleaning. They need space. They may not get along with other pets. If you are ready for this type of commitment for the next ten years, please consider taking one of our rabbits home with you. They are friendly, lovable, creatures.

Meat Bunnies

For the person who is interested in raising her own food naturally, you can't beat rabbits. Meat breeds (New Zealands and Flemish Giants) are cost effective (a single 10 pound female rabbit can produce 320 pounds of meat in a year without plowing up the land or taking up valuable acreage), not space intensive, have mellow personalities, don't take a lot of time to care for, are large, have large litters, and provide great tasting meat. In short, they are the most cost effective livestock animal around. As an added bonus, if you are a gardener or farmer, the natural fertilizer can't be beat!

Whether you want just one for a special meal or are ready to get started in your own meat rabbit business, come see us.